Woman-Made in Amsterdam: crunchy caramelized cacao beans


  • 100% cacao beans
  • One-woman-company
  • Locally made in Amsterdam 
  • Brought to us by bike :)
  • Single origin beans from one (female) cacao farmer in the Salomon Islands
  • Only women in line!
  • Vegan/ dairy-free


Malou is the creator of the Macao Beans. She is hyper-creative and is one the best chocolate makers we know. A bag of caramelized Macao Beans is a perfect snack on the couch to not share ;)


Ingredients: cacao beans (Solomon Islands), cane sugar (Argentina)


Also discover the other Macao bars in our online store, or visit our chocolate shop in Amsterdam!

Caramelized Cacao Beans SnackBag


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