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Amsterdam tour 
& Chocolate Tasting

Unique program: a walk through the historical city heart of Amsterdam, combined with a chocolate tasting in Cacao & Spice. 

This tour is an ideal mix of history, local hotspots, changes in the area and stories about the city that became the richest town in the world due to the trade in spices, and now grew to be the largest cacao harbor in the world.

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the new red light district

My husband is one of the most well known tour guides in Amsterdam, and owns a small quality tour operator. On special request we decided to join forces, and create a unique walking tour + tasting program.

We will also walk through the 'up and coming' alley quarter Sint Annenkwartier. The city of Amsterdam wants to change this area, first known for it's window brothels, into a unique quarter with small (sustainable) shops and galleries.


Get to know some of these new entrepeneurs, and how they are working on a better Amsterdam!

Cacao & Spice is one of these shops, we work with slave-free and Direct Trade chocolate. Farmers are paid far above the FairTrade price, and all cacao comes from a biodiverse environment. 

chocolate tasting

During the chocolate tasting you will taste a variety of single origin chocolates, from all different parts of the world and one of our delicious home made bonbons (vegan is possible).

You will also hear the story of the spice 'trade' in the 17th century, and how spices like nutmeg and clove are inevitably connected to Amsterdam.

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tour details

This is a private program.

The tour & tasting takes 2 hours total.


Price: 35,- pp incl. VAT

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Thanks for submitting!

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