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women of amsterdam tour
& chocolate tasting

A diverse and interesting walking tour through the old city center of Amsterdam: get to know remarkable and leading women from the past and present. Women who have, all in their own way, made a change to Amsterdam.

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visit amsterdam fempreneurs

During the walk you will hear about, and visit places connected to remarkable women from the past and present. This is not a 'heavy history' tour, but a nice walk through the old city center, where we share the stories of remarkable Amsterdam women.


My husband is a well-known guide, and has a small quality tour operator. Together we decided to join forces, and create a unique program around women from Amsterdam.


Included in the tour is a chocolate tasting of single origin chocolates, all made by female chocolatemakers, or female cacao farmers.

Subject to availability: if possible, we will visit the house of a remarkable woman, and hear how she contributed to the tolerant character of Amsterdam.

chocolate tasting

This chocolate tasting is dedicated to Women in Chocolate: female cacao farmers, women chocolate makers and female game changers in the cacao industry.

During the chocolate tasting you will taste a variety of single origin chocolates. I work with slave-free and Direct Trade chocolate. Farmers are paid far above the FairTrade price, and all cacao grows in a biodiverse environment.

Listen to the stories of female chocolate makers and game changers in the cacao and chocolate world, and of course: enjoy the best chocolate!

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tour details

This is a private program. The tour & tasting takes 2 hours.

There is a minimum of 8 people for this program, or you can pay for 8.

Due to city regulations with groups bigger than 15 people, we will need to split the group and walk with multiple guides. 



40,- per person incl. VAT


Oudezijds Voorburgwal 94A, 1012 GH, Amsterdam

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