A tribute to the Dutch history of chocolate making: premium old Dutch cacao origins & crafted in the Dutch flavour tradition.


Old cacao origins

This Dutch blend is made of cacao beans where the Dutch used to source their cacao centuries ago:

- Island of Bali, Tabanan region

- Venezuela, Zulia Andes region

- Trinidad, Gran Couve region


Dutch flavour tradition

A medium roast profile, and a profound but mild and lingering flavour. Hints of banana, grape, sandalwood and honey.


The guys behind Heinde & Verre

Inside the package are 2 bars. If you open the package you see a photo of the two chocolate makers: Ewald & Jan Willem. They make very fine bean-to-bar chocolates: single origin dark chocolate, untill 100%, but also have a white and milk chocolate bar, both made with Dutch cow milk.


Nice note: the beet sugar used for this bar comes from the Netherlands.


Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, beet sugar, natural sunflower lecithine

  • Made in Holland
  • Brought to us by bike!
  • 71%
  • Small batches, unique chocolate
  • Made with Dutch beet sugar
  • Vegan & Dairy-Free

Dutch Blend Dark Chocolate


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