Flavour notes: forest valley flowers, dark honey, caramelized nuts


Passionate chocolate from the Philippines

Proudly made in the Philippines, bean-to-bar. Crafted from the finest beans of a single harvest to bring out the rare, distinctive characteristics of each community and their land. 

Located between tropical mountain forests, Paquibato is a community that grows many fruit trees, giving its chocolate notes of forest valley flowers, dark honey and caramelized nuts. 


Direct trade chocolate

Auro pays 2x - 3x more for the cacao beans than farmers usually receive! This is a more than fair price, Auro practices direct trade. 


  • Origin: Paquibato, Davao City
  • Coordinates: 7.4 N, 125.4 E
  • Elevation: 305 meters
  • Vegan/dairy-free
  • Award winner: Academy of Chocolate (Bronze, 2019), Intern. Chocolate Awards (Bronze, 2019)
  • Halal!


Ingredients:  cacao mass, muscovado sugar, cacao butter. 


Allergy info:  may containtraces of soy, milk, peanuts and nuts.


Net weight: 60 gr. 

Paquibato - Single origin 70% Dark Chocolate