Piura Peru is one of our newest chocolates, and absolutely belonges to one of our favorites! Super fruity and tasteful dark chocolate.


Piura Blanco Cacao Bean

This bar is made of the rare Piura Blanco cacao bean, which was voted best Peruvian cacao in 2016. The bean has a typical brilliant and light colour, and a complex fruity flavour. 

The cacao beans come from one farmer cooperation in the high Piura valley region, from the Norandino Farmers. 


Two Roasting Profiles

Heinde & Verre has used two different roasting profiles: one highlights the notes of fresh young fruit, the second roast brings out lovely mellow notes of nuts and coffee. 


The guys behind Heinde & Verre

Inside every package are 2 bars! One for now, and one for later ;)

When you open the package you see a photo of the two chocolate makers: Ewald & Jan Willem. They make very fine bean-to-bar chocolates: single origin dark chocolate, untill 100%, but also have a white and milk chocolate bar.


Nice note: the beet sugar used for this bar comes from the Netherlands.


  • Made in Holland
  • Brought to us by bike!
  • 71% cacao
  • Small batches, unique chocolate
  • Made with Dutch beet sugar
  • Vegan / dairy-free


Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, beet sugar, natural sunflower lecithine


Net weight: 70 gr. (2x35)

NEW! Piura Peru - Single Origin Chocolate


Single Origin Chocolate  I  Direct Trade Chocolate


Mostly Vegan  I  Sugar Free Options  I  Allergen Friendly   

   & Home Made Chocolate


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