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New: Cacao Juice! But what is it?

We are proud to have started selling Pacha de Cacao: delicious juice of the cacao fruit with no additives, and no sugar!

Pacha de Cacao is a local Amsterdam brand, founded by Marika van Santvoort. The cacao pulp is ethically sourced from farmers in Ecuador.

We all know cacao creates chocolate. But the cacao fruit is more than the cacao beans alone! In central- and south America people have always known the delicious and nutritious benefits of the sweet cacao pulp, and is often used to create a nice smoothie.

The pulp looks like a white lychee-type of flesh around the cacao beans. It goes to waste in normal cacao production because everyone is only after the beans.

By using the cacao pulp and launching a fresh cacao juice for the European market, Pacha creates an extra source of income for cacao farmers.

It taste like pineapple, peach, lychee, pear, lime and honey – all in one juice: if you've never tasted cacao juice before, come taste this delicious cacao experience!

Our shop is located in the historical old city center of Amsterdam: Dollebegijnensteeg 5a (Google Maps).


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