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Original Beans plants a tree for every bar bought. Untill now over 1 million trees have been planted. Philipp Kauffmann, the founder of Original Beans, comes from a family of nature explorers and conservationists. Philipp gave up his job at the United Nations in New York to grow Original Beans as a leader brand for a world in which we regenerate what we consume.


Arhuaco Businchari

The indigenous Arhuaco has recently returned to their ancestral lands at the Caribbean shores of La Lengüete, after being forced to live in the highlands for centuries.

They initiated a revival of a select tribal cacao culture that was almost extinguished hundreds of years ago. 

One of the old cacao trees that survived, they recently started to harvest again, one they named 'Businchari', which means 'new beginning'. 


Made bean to bar in Switzerland.


Net weight: 48 gr (4x12 gr)

Arhuaco Businchari - Colombia Single Origin 82%


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