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 virtual tour

& tasting

Ian & Salomé, virtual tour, on an Amster


Virtual Tour & Tasting: join us on a virtual tour and chocolate tasting in the old city center of Amsterdam!


Husband-and-wife team Ian & Salomé, two local business people and community builders, will take you on this exciting journey through the former harbor area. Learn more about the most diverse and tolerant area of Amsterdam in a 1.5 hour program, a perfect activity for a team outing, business event or family activity.

Ian is the most well-known local tour guide, and Salomé is the owner of Cacao & Spice, a chocolate specialty shop, which is famous for it's chocolate tastings. We decided to combine two of our most successful activities into this exciting new program!

> We were placed in the top 10 best virtual experiences of 2021 by The Guardian!

Ian and Salomé giving a virtual tour in


amsterdam tour

 Ian will take you on a walk through the former harbor area of Amsterdam: how it transformed from a small fishermen village, to an international (harbor) city. 

The tour includes history, current events, personal stories and beautiful sites.

Online Chocolate Tasting.jpg

Virtual chocolate tasting

In Cacao & Spice (located in Amsterdam's old city center) you will hear more about Amsterdam's history in cacao and spices, Direct Trade chocolate, and taste some of the best chocolates around!

Vegan/dairy-free/gluten free

is possible!


  • The program takes 1.5 hours

  • International team? No problem! We can ship packages all over the world.

  • It is possible to make the tasting vegan/dairy-free/gluten free etc. 

  • The tasting includes (bits of) chocolates, home made bonbons, beans and a chocolate challenge. Want to make it a 'Gift Box' with whole chocolate bars? Contact us!

  • We can meet on a platform of your choice, or we can create an online meeting for you.

  • Languages: Dutch & English

  • Minimum of 10 persons, no max.


Price: 35,- pp.

  • This includes VAT, the tour, tasting kit + live virtual tasting.

  • Excl. shipping costs

  • From 25 persons 10% discount

Contact us with any questions!


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We have organized virtual chocolate tastings for universities, families and companies like Philips,, Deloitte, McKinsey, ING Bank, Atradius, Vopak NV, SNV, Coty Inc., DHL and more. 

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