Porcelana is made of rare and delicate beans from the Zulia Andes region in Venezuela, named after the white porcelain colour of the beans.


Truffle among cacao

Because of it's exclusivity Porcelana is regarded as the 'truffle' among the cacao varieties.


Elegant & Smooth

Delicate, elegant and smooth chocolate with refined flavours of white fruit, nuts and honey. The complex and lingering aftertaste stays with you for the rest of the day.


The guys behind Heinde & Verre

Inside the package are 2 bars. If you open the package you see a photo of the two chocolate makers: Ewald & Jan Willem. They make very fine bean-to-bar chocolates: single origin dark chocolate, untill 100%, but also have a white and milk chocolate bar.

Nice note: the beet sugar used for this bar comes from the Netherlands.


Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, beet sugar, natural sunflower lecithine

  • Made in Holland
  • Brought to us by bike!
  • 71% cacao
  • Small batches, unique chocolate
  • Made with Dutch beet sugar
  • Vegan / dairy-free

Porcelana - Venezuela Single Origin Chocolate


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