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Visit to the best Chocolatemaker of France: Chocolaterie Morin

For our new video series 'Cacao Trip' we've visited Chocolaterie Morin in the south of France. In Cacao Trip we want to tell the stories of chocolate game changers.

We drove for 11 hours, all the way from Amsterdam, to the south of France. Here we visited the beautifully located chocolate factory (in the middle of their own almond and hazelnut orchards), with a smell of cacao and chocolate you can't resist, and super friendly and dedicated people.

Chocolaterie Morin is a 4th generation chocolate brand of single origin chocolate

Listen to the special story of how a small family business turned out to a successful and international Award winning chocolate brand. They make over 60 different single origin chocolate bars, cacao powder, herbal chocolates, bonbons, nougat and many more.

Single Origin?

When we talk about 'single origin chocolate', we mean chocolate that is made from cacao beans from one small origin. So for example, one plantation, one valley or one cooperation. This makes the cacao super traceable (so you know no child slavery or deforestation is connected to the cacao) and also preserves the unique taste of the area in the chocolate.

Every bar of single origin chocolate has it's own unique taste.

Hear all about the values of chocolaterie Morin, the history, special stories behind their origins and how you can visit them in the beautiful south of France:

Shop Morin chocolate online or in our Amsterdam shop

Discover our selection of single origin chocolate bars from Morin: from Papua New Guinea, to Nicaragua and Vietnam:

Or visit our shop in Amsterdam's old city center! Cacao & Spice Dollebegijnensteeg 5a, 1012 HD, Amsterdam. Check Google Maps:


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