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Red Light Open Days - tasting chocolates!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Last weekend were the 'Wallen Open Dagen', the Red Light District Open Days. We've welcomed a few hundred people in our shop!

In our neighborhood, which is the old historical city center of Amsterdam (better known as the Red Light District), all different businesses opened their doors. From the church to the (sex) theater, from a red window to a museum, galleries and shops.

Everyone opened their doors, so people could experience the diversity of the area, and learn and hear from the people behind the businesses.

In Cacao & Spice we've talked about problems in the cacao industry like deforestation and child slavery, and how our chocolates make a (huge) difference in that.

Like Original Beans who plants a tree for every chocolate bar Everyone could taste some of their (award winning) single origin chocolates, and learn about the wonderful projects they work on.

For the daredevils we had a chocolate challenge to taste one of the hottest chocolates in the world.

We want to thank everyone who visited our shop and who supported us and all cacao farmers and chocolate makers by buying chocolate!

Check out a video of the Red Light Open Days, with a small interview with Salomé from Cacao & Spice:

Photo: tasting some chocolates under the watchful eye of cameraman Paul Enkelaar ;)


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