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Over 4500 trees planted in 2021 thanks to you!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The year 2021 was a restless year for many around the planet. Like for many small business owners we had to reinvent our way of working. We've made some big changes, and through one of these changes we planted over 4500 trees together with you!

Want to plant a tree? Buy Original Beans bars here or a box of our home made bonbons here

Because of the pandemic we moved nearly all of our business activities online: we opened a webshop and started virtual tastings and online events.

2021 was also the year that we decided to make all our homemade chocolate from the couverture of Original Beans.

Original Beans is an Amsterdam based company, and sources the rarest and most delicious cacao beans in the world. They connect all their cacao sourcing to reforestation and social projects.

They are a regenerative business and work 100% plastic free. Not only do they make award winning chocolates, for every chocolate bar sold they plant one tree!

In every place where they source cacao, they start nature preservation programs, community projects and projects for the empowerment of female cacao farmers.

By working with this multi award winning chocolate, we were able to make a contribution in Original Beans reforestation projects.

With the help of our loyal customers and lots of companies we were able to plant a little more than 4585 trees in 2021!

What we have accomplished with your help:

  • Cacao farmers (mostly female) were paid almost 2 times the fair trade price in salary.

  • Further investments have been made for their economic empowerment.

  • Old growth forest, roughly an area of 70% of the Vondelpark, (70 football fields) has been protected.

  • All of this drastically improved the lives of cacao farming families.

  • And helped draw down 2676 kg of Co2.

It is amazing to realize what a difference a small business can create by choosing to work with the right partners/brands.

When you think about the fact that Original Beans is only 1 brand that we work with, and that all our other chocolates are also connected to social and environmental improvement, it becomes clear that you can make a huge impact through the love of chocolate!

Want to plant a tree? Buy Original Beans bars here or a box of our home made bonbons here

With everyday choices concerning the sourcing and supply chain, but also who to buy from, you can ultimately create a big impact.

A big thank you to our customers and business relations for choosing

slave free chocolate, supporting biodiversity and for helping us plant trees!


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