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Online Chocolate Tasting - online chocolade proeverij > Coronaproof uitje!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I had a great online chocolate tasting today! And would like to give many more ;) Today was a group of friends, who weren't able to meet in person anymore since corona, but really wanted to do something fun together.

Are you interested in a corona-proof event for your team, colleagues or as a corporate gift for a client? Book an online private chocolate tasting with me!

How it works:

° I send all the chocolates to the participants (individ.)

° We set a date and time

° I send a link to an online platform, like Google Hangouts, where we can 'meet'

° And... the chocolate tasting can begin!!

The experience is fun, interesting and delicious. Check the video for a small impression.

During the tasting I'll tell about how Amsterdam is connected to cacao and spices, the old harbor of Amsterdam, the best way of tasting chocolate, history of chocolate and the stories behind the brands that we try.

I can send the chocolate packages abroad, so international teams can all join the event!

Contact me via!


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