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Cacao Window Art in Amsterdam's smallest alley way!

Today artist Succugami came into the shop to create beautiful 'Window Art'. She was inspired by the story and beautiful packaging of Original Beans, an Amsterdam based chocolate brand, who plants trees for every chocolate bar sold.

A big elephant, cacao tree and beautiful butterflies greet visitors of Amsterdam's smallest alley way, and carry out the story of Original Beans.

The elephant is in honor of the Udzungwa chocolate bar. Udzungwa is a national park in Tanzania, the elephants live in one part of the park, and are protected by a special program from Original Beans.

The butterflies are inspired by the Piura chocolate bar, a 75% dark chocolate with single origin cacao from the Piura Valley in Peru:

"Flavours of raspberry, dried prunes and pecan reveal the secrets of an ultra rare white cacao we found among Peru's bright butterflies".

Amsterdam's famous most narrow alley, the Trompettersteeg, is also famous for two big street art pieces: a 3D optical illusion of the weapon of Amsterdam, and a doodle by local artist Ottograph. Now we've also added some beautiful cacao and chocolate art!

Interested in window art? Check out Succugami here.


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