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People and Cacao have a 3’500 years long ongoing passionate affair.

Originally consumed as a drink, cacao changed is shape and form, adapting to the different cultures that adopted it as a food.

An irresistible river that interwaves opulently rich Aztec merchants, eyes up the sky Mayan astrologist, French philosophers, and even us, 'modern times' chocolate enthusiasts.

Dive deep into the origins of cacao as a food and discover more about the people that first began to cultivate this fascinating tree.

A read thread of craft and creativity that connects the Mesoamerica and the chocolate as we know it today.


While hearing all the stories of cacao, you will prepare two different cups of drinking chocolate. Cold or hot: you can make it the way you prefer!

The first recipe is an homage to the Mayan culinary tradition, spiced, rich and water based. The second a celebration of Europe’s reinterpretation of the drink, rich, sweet, and indulgent, French style drinking chocolate is the best cure for all sorrows and a treat for the soul.


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