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What is single Origin chocolate?

Practically all chocolate in the supermarket is made from cacao beans from different countries. As a result, the origin is often very difficult to trace and the chocolate has a bitter taste. Single Origin chocolate, on the other hand, is chocolate made with cacao beans from a small area: for example a small cooperative or one cocoa plantation.

Single Origin chocolate has a very different taste than regular chocolate.

Discover the true taste of cacao: all different taste notes, from fruity to nutty, floral or earthy. It is not the bitter dark chocolate you are used to from the supermarket, but has all kinds of different taste notes in it, and no bitter taste. This is because cacao absorbs the taste of the environment. So when you use cocoa beans from one small region for chocolate, you retain the unique taste of that environment.

In order not to get bitter dark chocolate, the way cacao is grown is super important

If you grow cacao in a mono culture, ie a plantation with only cacao trees, nothing grows in the environment of the cacao to influence the taste.

Besides the fact that our chocolate is from Single Origin, all our cacao is grown in a biodiverse environment. This means that all kinds of different types of trees are growing on the farm or plantation. So you have large shade trees, fruit trees, etc. So when you make sure to only work with cacao beans from a small area + a biodiverse environment, you will get a dark chocolate with all kinds of surprising different taste notes.

Good dark chocolate is not bitter, but has all kinds of different flavors such as fruity, nuts, herbs or even flowers

Not only is the taste a completely different experience, you can also guarantee real transparency with Single Origin chocolate: after all, the name of the cooperative or the plantation can be found on the packaging, or the website of the chocolate maker. Transparency is very important to make a change in the cacao and chocolate world. Even with Fairtrade chocolate, it is often not clear where exactly the cacao beans come from, so that there are not only many intermediaries, but you also have a great chance that your chocolate is linked to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, the felling of primeval forest or even to child slavery.

Craftmanship is the next key to the best taste in chocolate!

The last step is a crucial key into making the best chocolate: the chocolate maker! A single origin chocolate maker creates a new roasting profile for every new batch of cacao beans. Even if he or she has been working with the same cacao cooperation for years: every season the cacao will have a different taste, and he or she can decide which tasting notes to let come out of the beans into the chocolate.

So to wrap it up: to make the best chocolate you need to work with Single Origin cacao beans from one small area, the cacao needs to grow in a biodiverse environment, and you need a dedicated chocolate maker to let the best tastes come out of the cacao bean.


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