>> Please note, if you would like to book the workshop now, you can only do so by picking up the workshop kit in our shop (Amsterdam city centre). Pick-up is possible till Saturday!




Create a centuries old Maya cacao drink, and a 'new' style of chocolate drink.


Sunday March 14, at 17.00 we organize a special Cacao Drink Workshop (no miminum of participants).


Dive deep into the past of cacao, get to know all about the first peoples who cultivated cacao.


You will prepare two different cups of chocolate, the first recipe will be an homage to the Mayan culinary tradition, the second is a celebration of Europe’s reinterpretation of the drink.


Cacao Drink Kit

We will send you a kit with almost all of the materials you need during the workshop like spices, cacao, chocolate etc. The only materials you need to provide are a pot, stove, cups, a whisk and 2 cups of milk (or vegan drink).


Book now!

Book your spot now, and we will send you a workshop box in the second week of March. You can also pick up your box for free in our shop, just choose 'pick-up' at checkout. 


Date: 14.03.2021

Time: 17.00-18.00

Included: most workshop materials are included, and will be shipped to your house (or free pick-up in our shop)

Language: English

Workshop Cacao Drink 14.03.2021