The best white chocolate you ever tasted: single origin with beans/butter from Bali, mixed with quality Dutch cow milk. This creates a 'Blossom Bali' white chocolate, with notes of flowers, honey, butter and herbs. 


Ewald & Jan-Willem (the two gentlemen on the photo) make very fine bean-to-bar chocolates. From white chocolate to a good 100% cacao bar, made from the Porcelana fruit. 

This 'Blossom Bali' bar is made of single origin, organically grown, sun dried beans from the Indonesian isle of Bali.


What makes this white chocolate so different?

White chocolate is made of cacao butter allone (no cacao mass has been added). Supermarket white chocolate uses bad quality cacao butter, which has not taste by itself and needs lots of sugar and vanilla.


This white chocolate is made of high quality cacao butter, with beans from only one region, Tabanan on the island of Bali. It has a high cacao butter percentage, 'flowery notes' and notes of honey, and is even a treat for non-white chocolate people!


Handmade in Rotterdam & brought to our shop by bike!


Ingredients: cacao butter, Dutch cow milk, Dutch beet sugar and sunflower lecithine

  • ​Made in Holland
  • Small batches, unique chocolate
  • Sinlge-origin
  • Made with Beet Sugar


Two bars in each package (2x30gr)

White Chocolate, Made in Rotterdam - Heinde & Verre


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