Woman-Made in Amsterdam: delicious dark chocolate with toasted almonds & smoked salt


  • 71% cacao
  • One Woman Company
  • Locally made in Amsterdam 
  • Single origin beans from one (female) cacao farmer in the Salomon Islands
  • Vegan/ dairy-free
  • Only women in line!


Malou is the creator of this chocolate bar. She buys the beans from one female cacao farmer in the Solomon Islands, so all her bars are direct trade, single origin and bean-to-bar made.


She is hyper-creative and is one the best chocolate makers we know! The chocolate comes in a Tangram puzzle, and is called 'The Curiousity of Now'. 


Ingredients: cacao beans (Solomon Islands), cane sugar (Argentina), almonds (USA), cacao butter (Ecuador) and smoked salt (Denmark). 


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Toasted almonds & smoked salt chocolate bar


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