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Tasting notes: citrus, bread, cashew notes. Full, round dark cacao taste. 


Made in Holland bij Mark Schimmel: single origin chocolate bar with beans from Saint Vincent a/t Granadines. Mark runs a one-man-business: from buying the cacao beans, selecting, grinding, etc. The whole process of chocolate making is carefully done by him.


Where are the beans from?

These cacao beans come from the St. Vincent Cocoa Company, a cooperation from about 100 farmers. The cacao trees grow in the shadow of coconut trees and mahogany trees, and are surrounded by banana trees and ginger plants. 


Ingredients: Cocoabeans, Canesugar, Cocoabutter

- 70% cacao

- Vegan

- Dairy-free

- Nut-free

- Soy- free

- Gluten-free


Net weight: 80 gram

SALE - made in Holland: St. VINCENT a/t GRANADINES single origin chocolate

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