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Fruity, light and 'playful' chocolate bar!


Made in Holland bij Mark Schimmel: single origin chocolate bar from beans from the Otange Farm in Madagascar.

Most of the cacao beans grown on the Otange farm, are used by the familiy (owners) themselves to make chocolate. Mark is one of the few lucky chocolate makers to have gotten his hands on these cacao beans!


Mark runs a one-man-business: from buying the cacao beans, selecting, grinding, etc. The whole process of chocolate making is carefully done by him.


These cacao beans won the Cocoa of Excellence Award 2017!


Ingredients: Cocoabeans, Canesugar, Cocoabutter

- 70% cacao

- Vegan

- Dairy-free

- Nut-free

- Soy- free

- Gluten-free


Net weight: 80 gram

SALE - made in Holland: MADAGASCAR single origin chocolate

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