Dairy-free / Vegan Easter Eggs

A nice box of vegan easter eggs, filled with a delicious hazelnut praliné. Not only is the chocolate made bean-to-egg by Malou herself, but also the hazelnut is in-house roasted and ground.


Every egg is about 10 gram (big eggs!), and there are 12 eggs in a box. The cacao is single origin from the Dominican Republic, and bean-to-egg made in Amsterdam.


  • Enjoy 12 big chocolate eggs
  • All plant-based (vegan), and organic
  • Woman Made
  • Bean-to-egg made in Amsterdam
  • Direct Trade!


Micro-batch made in Amsterdam

Woman-made in Amsterdam, all in micro-batches and ofcourse made with a lot of love! Looking for a unique gift? This is a perfect unique set of plantbased, vegan, chocolates!


PLEASE NOTE: order before March 29! All orders will be send next week.

PRE-order Vegan Easter Eggs!