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Funky green chocolate!

Surprise your taste buds with this Matcha tea white chocolate. Matcha Tea is one of the most popular teas at this moment, but we haven't had it in chocolate before.


Good to know:

This chocolate has only four ingredients (!), no added colours. The chocolate is creamy and tasteful, it starts with a nice 'white chocolate' taste and the Matcha tea you can taste after a few seconds and becomes strongest at the end.


By who?

Jordi's is made by two young chefs from the Czech Republic. The packaging is a beautiful little gift bag in itself, and perfect to give as a present. Inside the package you can read all about their sourcing and chocolate-making.


Ingredients: cocoa butter, milk powder, cane sugar, green tea


May contain traces of nuts


Nutrition values per 100g:

- Energy 611 Kcal

- Total fat 47g

of which staurated 28 g

- Carbohydrates 32 g

of which sugar 32g

- Proteins 14g

- Salt 0,37g

SALE - Funky Matcha Tea chocolate

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