Perfect gift chocolate!


Milk chocolate

A cute hand made chocolate gift, made in the old city center of Amsterdam: four Legø milk chocolates, packed in a nice craft gift box. 


Cacao origin

The cacao we use is single origin from one plantation in Congo, national park Virunga. The cacao project aims to train local people to cacao farmers (13.000 families), creating a sustainable income and thus also protecting wildlife in the park from poaching. A win-win for everyone!


Direct Trade & Amsterdam Made

The cacao from Virunga is bought directly from the farmers, by The ChocolateMakers, who are located in the harbor of Amsterdam. They create 'couverture', chocolatedroplets, in their solar-powered factory. This couverture is brought to us by bike, in our shop we create delicious bonbons, bars and chocolate gifts of this couverture!

All our chocolates are direct trade: no more than 2 persons between the cacao farmers and the shops, to guarantee slave-free chocolate. 


- 55% cacao milk, so lower on sugar than most milk chocolates!

- Organic chocolate

- Single origin cacao from Virunga national park, Congo

- Direct trade: no more than 1 person between the cacao farmers and our shop. 

- Handmade in Amsterdam

- Woman made


Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, milk, sugar

Legø Chocolate! Milk chocolate


Single Origin Chocolate  I  Direct Trade Chocolate


Mostly Vegan  I  Sugar Free Options  I  Allergen Friendly   

   & Home Made Chocolate


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Due to Covid we are currently only open online.

On appointment orders can be picked up in our store.

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