"Fleur" flower chocolate

Made with flowers from an organic farm in France: "Fleur" chocolate bar. The name "Fleur" is a Dutch name, meaning: blooming, charming, in appearance.

The name Fleur is derived from the Latin 'Flora', the goddess of flowers and spring. A very fitting name for this chocolate bar.

Home made with love by Salomé, in Cacao & Spice's workspace, in Amsterdam's old city center.


Cacao origin

The cacao we use is single origin from one plantation in Congo, national park Virunga. The cacao project aims to train local people to cacao farmers (13.000 families), creating a sustainable income and thus also protecting wildlife in the park from poaching. A win-win for everyone!


Ingredients: cacao 55%, cacaobutter, cane sugar, milk, hibiscus, calendula, cornflower


- organic chocolate

- single origin

- direct trade

- woman made

- gluten free

French Flowers 'Fleur' milk chocolate


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