This chocolate will take you to exotic places... Special Sale!

Enjoy 4x premium Ecuadorian chocolate. All single origin, made by Maria & Luis (couple). 


  • 82% Esmeraldas
  • 71% Napo Amazonas
  • Vanilla, 71% cacao
  • Cardamom & Salt, 71% cacao


All their bars are allergen free* and made with unrefined cane sugar. 


Cacao origin

Maria & Luis have a strong connection with the farmers of the Kichwa associación Wiñak in Archidona, where they buy their cacao beans of. Archidona lies in the Unesco biosphere Sumaco.


*Allergen Free

Maria & Luis produce their chocolate in a facility free from gluten, milk, nuts, peanuts, sesame and soy.


Net weigght: 60 gr. per bar

4x Ecuadorian premium chocolate

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