Sugar-free and vegan bonbons & truffles

Enjoy a box of (refined) sugar-free bonbons and truffles, all plant-based and sweetend with dates or maple syrup. The cacao is single origin from Ecuador, and mostly grown by groups of Kichwa families, in a biodiverse environment.  


Micro-batch made in Amsterdam

Woman-made in Amsterdam, all in micro-batches and ofcourse made with a lot of love! Looking for a unique gift? This is a perfect unique set of (sugar-free) chocolates!


Big Box or Small Box

Either choose a big box, or a small box. The big box is a lovely mix of 20 Chocoláctica delicacies. Depending on the stock, the mix wil vary. 


The small box consists of 6 chocolates, and contains:

- Bonbon Pistachio

- Truffle Kofi
- Truffle El Original
- Masala Magic
- Zafferano
- Haldi


Delivered in a premium gift box with nice info-card and cute ribbon :)

Box of sugar-free Bonbons and truffles

PriceFrom €7.95