Allergen Friendly Chocolate!

Many of our chocolates are dairy free and gluten free, some go a step further and are 'allergen friendly'. Like all the bars from l'Atelier des 5 Volcans: made in an environment free of milk, nuts and soy. 


Chocolate made in Cameroon

This cacao is grown in the coastal area of Cameroon, on terraces at the foot of the old dormant volcanoes in the Moungo Valley. A rich black soil where abundant vegetation grows; fruits, spices and cocoa.


Tree To Bar

This is a tree-to-bar chocolate, which means the workers on the plantation also make the chocolate: super fair trade!


  • Direct trade: super fair trade
  • Made at the plantation
  • Nice colourful packaging


Salomé's favorite!

The 70% bar (pink) is Salomé's current dark chocolate favorite! This chocolate is like an adventurous holiday: it takes you everywhere. It starts with a fresh 'green' taste, has hints of spices like vanilla, fruits and even some nuts. 


Oku, Bamboutos, Manengouba, Kameroen & Etindé

At the feet of these five volcanoes lay the 'Atelier', the workshop for this chocolate bar. These five ancient volcanoes form a unique area between jungles and basalt hills. On this exceptional soil, cocoa trees grow in the shade of the giants of the jungle.


Allergen-free: produced in an environment free of milk, nuts and soy


Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Allergen-friendly: 3x Single Origin dark chocolate

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