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Meet the maker: Jean-Christophe Hubert from Millésime

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

What a nice surprise! A visit today from Jean-Christophe Hubert from Millésime, one of the few Belgian bean-to-bar chocolate makers, and international award winner.

I told him how surprised I was to read the story about how cacao was brought from Ambon Island (Amboyna) on one of his chocolate bars. And proudly told and showed other Moluccan Islanders.

Jean-Christophe told me he is also an art historian, not only interested in fine cacao beans, but also the history of cacao, and gives extra attention to the design of the bars. And it shows!

☆ In Cacao & Spice we sell their fine hazelnut praline filled chocolate bar, with cacao from Madagascar.

☆ And a nice sweet and salty milk chocolate bar with caramel & salt, with single origin cacao from Peru.

> Dear Jean-Christophe, thank you for your visit. Your chocolates, and the attention you give to the story behind it, the flavour and the design, is appreciated

You can find the bars of Millésime in our shop in Amsterdam's old city center, or buy them online (we ship international) :


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